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Aw yeah, this was the most NSFW Sketchfiend yet! Thank you so much to everyone who came by, and a big thank you to all the winning commissioners. I had a ball! Let's do it again soon. :D

OK, let's get to some sketches!

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First up is ReD's commission of Yuuki having a Shokugeki no Soma (Food Wars) foodgasm. I said the food is panna cotta, but we all know what it is. ;D

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Next is BenComicGraphics' continuing fanon story of Haruya, Haruki in Freya's body. It seems Otsana and Shebi have walked in on Haruya "exploring" his new body. They're quite helpful, aren't they? XD

The only SFW piece of the night! It's the sequel to one of my favorite of Nezumi's RP commissions, Soy Sauce Prince. He's grown up... rebellious! He's now the Worcestershire Prince! His mother's poor heart!

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Nezumi brings back the NSFW for the first bonus sketch of the night though! It's Tifa enjoying a nice dip. Eat it, Aerith.

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Our final bonus winner of the night is Optia with a boob-pressing succubus Optia. I'm so happy we ended this night with a boob sandwich. :D

OK, so that's it till next time! We might start doing these every two weeks. Just keep checking the SGVY main page, Facebook page, or Twitter feed for announcements.

I'm off to eat curry! :D

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