If the preview cover has to be this censored, you know it's got to be Quickies!, now available at Montrosemart as a high quality CBR without a subscription. Introducing Quickies! Vol 2 by Kittyhawk. Are you ready? ;D

Quickies! Vol 2 Preview
Actual Product Uncensored!

Quickies Vol 2 page 6 preview Quickies Vol 2 page 15 preview Quickies! is back and harder than ever! In this fetish fueled volume you'll find tongue cocks, expansion, more transformation, and superheroes. Let your freak flag fap!

Quickies! Vol 2, like all Montrosemart comics, is high resolution, CBR format, the world's most used format, and DRM-free like porn should be. This volume includes an original cover and a story never published on Filthy Figments, and without saying, there is no subscription. Porn should be a fun fling, not a commitment. ;D

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