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Yay! This was an awesomely awesome Sketchfiend! Thank you everyone who came by Montrosecast for the event, and a big thank you to the commissioners. I think the Sketchfiends are getting better and better. ^_^ If you didn't make it, no worries! There's a video over at MEGA you can download and enjoy.

OK, let's check out some sketches!

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First up is Parabet's idea of a Valkyrie poker game. Shebi is clearly Data in this game. It looks like Yuuki's luck is completely up. XD

BabyTrance's Taiga and Yuuki have switched armor, and they both look really cute! Check out BabyTrance's comic, The Regular Life of a Heavenly Beast, to see Taiga's story. :D

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Lifeforce's Valkyrie Lilly's in a pinch! Oh wait, the clothes already fell off her new giantess body, so that's solved. XD I think I had the most fun on this one, trying to convey giantess.

Parabet's the big winner of the night with the first bonus win! Amaylyn is headed to the convention dressed as a valkyrie. Fortunately she's got real valks to help her out! And beer! XD

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Bunnygirl! BUNNYGIRL! BUNNYGIRL!! Tamarik just said sexy TGTF bunnygirl, and here's what my hand sketched. BUNNYGIRL!! ;D

Here's my warmup for the event. Sometimes I don't even know what the fuck I'm drawing. If you watch the videos, you'll see the weird little doodles I do between sketches.

Sketchfiend is taking a break next fortnight because I'll be doing the 24 Hour Comic Challenge Australia. I hope you'll come by Montrosecast this 6 June 2015 @10am AEST (June 5 @8pm EST, June 6 @12am UTC) and watch me loose my mind as I do a comic in 24 hours. I promise AS MUCH TITS, ASS, AND SEXY as Facebook will allow. If you want more info, want to follow the comics as they're made, and be able to vote on your favorite after the challenge, be sure to LIKE the page! I'm so excited! :D

OK, time for bed. I need to ink some sexy in the morning. Woo!

Good job, Ireland!