It's inked, and the coloring begins on the cover for Itari Party! 5! I'm going to be releasing this soon, so I hope you're ready for some domination titillation!

Itari Party! 1-4 are available at Montrosemart, and there are previews so you can try before you buy. There's a gay story, a lesbian story, and a MFF three-way story, so I'm sure you'll find something to tickle your fancy. ;D

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By the way, I'm entering The 24 Hour Comic Challenge Australia! If you want more info on the challenge and TO BE ABLE TO VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE at the end of the challenge, go ahead and LIKE The 2015 24 Hour Comic Challenge Australia.

I hope you'll stop by Montrose.is/streaming to watch Mamath, Haxative, and me and what we're watching LIVE. And as always, I promise the sexy. Let's do this! ;D

I need the light!