I hope you are now! ;D This is coming along nicely.

Oh! If you're into sexy ladies being drawn before your eyes, be sure to LIKE The 24 Hour Comic Challenge 2015​ to see comics as they're being made IN 24 HOURS! You can also VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE at the end of the challenge. ;D

I'll be streaming along with work from Mamath​ and Haxative. Weather permitting, we might have field reporting from Brisbane! It's going to be an insanely fun time on Montrosecast this weekend, so be sure to be at Montrose.is/streaming this Sat, June 6 @Noon AEST (2am UTC, Sat, June 5 @10pm EST) FOR 24 HOURS! Good music, good vids, and good bikini girl art! Be there!

Gonna do it!