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Woo! 21 hours compressed into a matter of minutes! When I watch it now, it seems so easy. XD Sorry about not getting the first three hours, but it was mostly storyboarding. The boobs really took off when we got the first page you see in the video. ;D

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If you want to read the full 24 page comic for yourself, here it is! Just click submit on the page, and you'll get your free CBR of God Save the Busty Queen. If you're not initiated, CBR is the most widely used comic container format, able to be read on computer, tablet, smartphone, or even Kindle! For help on using CBRs, use this handy help guide with video.

And because the storyboards weren't captured in the video, here you go so you can see how I script a comic. I do change things, so see what's different between the finished comic and the storyboards. :D

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OK, it's time to go ice the hand again. XD

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