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The saga of Haruya, BenComicGraphic's fanon story of Haruki inside Freya's body, continues! He's right about Freya. Much more ballast in the front. XD He better watch out though because "Freyki" is still out there. ;D

If you haven't yet, please VOTE FOR KITTYHAWK by clicking this link and clicking LIKE on the post. I've gotten quite a bunch of likes so far, but every bit helps! Thank you so much to everyone who has voted so far! Y'all rock the universe!

You can get the comic for FREE here as well as the video of the event itself. 21 hours in a little over 7 minutes with some sweet music.

Alright, going to start penciling SGVY in the morning. Woo! Getting it done. :D

Rush is the best thing to come out of that.