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Well, I think COMICFIEND went well. If you're itching to get the video, just click the image above. I did five comics in five hours, so that's pretty awesome. Unfortunately, I didn't capture the warmup on the video, but eh, I got the good ones.

So let's check out the comics! :D

First up is Animal's request of a comic of his fanon where his OC Chad who lives with Otsana. It's a sequel to this sketch. No, I'm not going to show you what the magic item is. That's a secret. ^_^


Next up is TVsMrNeil's! If you haven't read Dasien yet, do so now! He gave me a sketch storyboard to work from, and this is the comic I produced. If you want to see the finished version colored by Neil, head on over to Dasien!


Parabet brings the sexy commission with this one featuring his OC Amaylyn. Be careful of what you wish for! XD

Click for NSFW!
Click for NSFW!

Finally the winner of the bonus of the night, ThomRevor-910CMX, requested this comic featuring an artist getting a bit peeved with the writer. I think that's not going to teach him a lesson though. XD


This was my warmup. All you need to know is you should read Quickies! to understand. XD

Click for NSFW!
Click for NSFW!

Also! If you like comics, then you're going to love my 24 hour comic, God Save the Busty Queen! Please vote for it by clicking this link and clicking LIKE. You can also get to a FREE download by clicking the link within. :D

Well, I got other comics to write tomorrow. I had a good idea for SGVY. ;D

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