Making comics! If you didn't see the Comicfiend comics, be sure to check them out along with the video.

So what are the Viewsonic birds doing? Well, they are very interested in the next issue of SGVY, and you should be too if you're a lover of big titties and bathtime hijinks. I promise it will be very sexy. ;D

Speaking of sexy comics, check out the new cover for Itari Party! Game Select 05. Ever wanted to give it hard to the boss? Well, you'll like this one when it goes up on Montrosemart this week. ;D

Speaking of sexy comics again, voting is ending tomorrow for the 24 Hour Comic Challenge 2015! Please vote for God Save the Busty Queen by clicking this link and clicking LIKE. You can also get to a FREE download by clicking the link within. :D

OK, it's penciling day. Let's do this!

Not running away far enough to mattter.