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OMG, I DON'T BELIEVE IT! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR VOTING FOR ME!! I'm the 24 Hour Comic Challenge Australia 2015 24 Page 1st Prize Winner! I couldn't have done it without your support, y'all! :D

I'm still giving the comic away for free, so click the image above to receive busty goodness. Just click submit on the page, and you'll get your free CBR of God Save the Busty Queen. If you're not initiated, CBR is the most widely used comic container format, able to be read on computer, tablet, smartphone, or even Kindle! For help on using CBRs, use this handy help guide with video.

Comic video!
I also have a video of me doing the challenge. We managed to get 21 of the 23 hours I spent working on it, and no worries! It's been compressed to minutes. XD

Welp, I guess the only thing is to work on more comics! Yay! Thanks again, everyone. I'm so happy. This is too awesome. ^_^