Alright! Here's the video of Trevor and my game Bando the Dragon for ZX Spectrum. We did this in two weeks, and yay! We finished! :D

The Bando the Dragon launch went really well at ZICS! We sold out! Thank you so much to the ZICSters, zinesters, comickers, and attendeers who came by the table and chatted, played, and purchased. :D

No worries if you want your own copy, we're working on a digital version which we'll be releasing this week. :D

Here's the title screen! I had to do all the text, sprites, character design, and learn how to do Speccy colors. Trevor had the hard task of doing all the programming. Whew!

When we launch the digital version this week, you'll get the original manual too. I'll have a file included that you can print on Legal or A3 paper. A lot of people said this looks 1980s, so mission accomplished! I stared at so many box covers in preparation. XD

You'll also receive this instruction booklet with the digital version. What does "type-in" mean? You'll find out soon if you don't know! :D

Stay Tuned!

Look at the sun's direction.