Bando the Dragon
Introducing the newest game from, Bando the Dragon, a ZX Spectrum game for Firefox and Chrome! Disaster has struck the evil land of Dragonia! The Evil Dragon King's birthday is ruined! The Evil Alchemist has stolen all the balloons and helium in the land. Enter the Evil Dragon King's son Bando the Dragon, smallest and bravest of dragons, here to save the day! Check out the action in the video below:

So how does one get this fine game harkening back to the Golden Age of Gaming? Why you purchase it from Montrosemart! When you get Bando the Dragon, you receive the CBRs and PDF that contain the code, which you type into Notepad, TextEdit, or some equivalent app, and the manual, which can be printed, cut out, and placed into a cassette tape case. Type-In Series
That's right. Bando the Dragon plays in Firefox or Chrome by way of you typing out a webpage into a text editor. After all, this is a type-in program!

Getting Started with Acu-Type®
If you're scared or put off by the idea of typing a lot of code and making mistakes, no worries! Bando the Dragon features Acu-Type®, a program similar to The Automatic Proofreader featured in COMPUTE! magazine. It's easier than you think!

Bando the Dragon is just $2 at Montrosemart. It's quite the deal for a game that you can edit the sprites and levels, just like that game Nintendo just released for $80, but better! The levels are so small, you can tweet them. Lots of fun for kids and educational too. Check out Bando the Dragon today at Montrosemart! :D

One more thing, if you bought Bando the Dragon at ZICS, email us the number of lines of code in the zine, and we'll send you a code to redeem for a digital copy of Bando the Dragon, now with Acu-Type®, for free. How's that for customer service? :D

The colors~