Another Sexy Sketchfiend down! Thanks much for bringing the sexy, commissioners! And thank you very much to everyone who came by to watch. It was a blast! I think each one gets better and better with the ideas. :D

First up is Jeiko's commission of his favorite subject (and growing on me ;D ), Hamster and Banana. Damn, those Au Ra from FFXIV are well endowed, or so they say... ;)

Click for uncensored version!

Next is Reeniko's request for OC Eeveeniko to be shown in a state of undress while Reeniko's femself walks in. I spiced it up a bit, and I think Reeniko in IRL and the sketch like what they see. XD

Click for uncensored version!

Go for it, Amaylyn! Parabet's OC returns for beach volleyball action! I'm proud of this one because the viewers knew it was volleyball from the framework and hand. :D


TVsMrNeil gave me the best ref ever for the first bonus: a finished sketch. This made everything easy! XD I had a lot of fun with this one. I love the ref to late 1980s anime with the Boomer. I can't wait to see the finished colored versions Neil is whipping up of his and my sketches! :D


The second bonus and final sketch of the night goes to DeeptearsLap, who won for the first time ever tonight! I was really touched that he wanted me to sketch his recently passed away kitty Louie come back as a magical animal who has just granted Deeptear Valkhood (I'm going with that word XD ). I think I did a good job, and yay! A new Valkryie is born! :D


Below is my warmup for the day of Ladybeard... RULE 63! Montrose does bring the Stupidity, Insanity, (and less this time) Pickle after all. I was inspired as Ladybeard hosted SBS PopAsia this morning. He is so cute, and now I know his origin! :D


Welp, that's it for today! I'm gonna start coloring SGVY. I want to get it done very quickly so I can get the story back to Fuyuko, my birb valkyrie. :<