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Whew! I think I've finally recovered from 24 Hour Comic Day Perth where I was given 24 hours to draw a 24 page comic using a public domain sci-fi title drawn for me. I drew a comic in 21 hours and 4 minutes! Here's a video of the 21 hours, time-lapsed down to a little over five minutes because I'm not going to bore you. XD

I finished God Save the Busty Queen for the 24 Hour Comic Challenge Australia 2015 back in June, and The Spirit in the Bottle, which I did for 24HCDPerth last year, took me about 21 hours. Not bad, not bad! I'm pretty happy with my speed and quality. :D Much better than my first 24 hour comic attempt, Last Days on the Battleship which I nearly didn't finish and wasn't fun at all. I learned my lesson after that one. XD

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If you want to download the comic and read on the go or at home, here's the CBR for your reading pleasure on your computer, tablet, smartphone, or Kindle! CBR is the world's most used comic container format, used by Amazon's ComiXology and Montrosemart. If you want to learn more about using CBRs, Montrosemart has a handy tutorial guide and video.

I've included the storyboards with the CBR, so see if you can see differences between the finished comic and the storyboards. I'm so glad I have those when I'm losing my mind around hour 18. XD

Happy Reading!

Dance on the final string left after the unraveling.