NSFW! Click at Own Risk!
Bodyswap: Mansion Page 1 Bodyswap: Mansion Page 2 Another commission down! This is another one for Bencomicgraphics where Yuuki has been bodyswapped into some dude's body, and I made this one very NSFW. Poor Yuuki! Maybe I can get some commissions where he's not being tortured. I might need to draw him having fun for once. XD

FREE COMIC! In the Orbit of Saturn 24 Hour Comic
Hey, speaking of FREE COMICS, have you gotten a FREE COPY of In the Orbit of Saturn, my newest 24 hour comic? I hope you like sexy jumpsuits! There's even a time-lapse video of the 21 hours it took for me to finish it. :D

Welp, I need to get started on Holiday stuff. It's our 14th year of doing The Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki Holiday Special, and this year will be as commercial and crass as ever! I'll have more soon!

To be free.