I ordered an iPad Pro the minute I could, which was about 20 minutes after midnight Cupertino time. TOO BAD I WON'T BE GETTING THE PENCIL AND KEYBOARD TILL NEXT WEEK. Ah well, I got one. XD;;

I actually had to use the Apple Store app for once because the website wouldn't update. Useful! XD I'm getting a pretty Gold 128GB Wifi one, which I'm thinking of naming kingofthepippins (because Pippin) or summerfree (because it sounds kind of like Sumer, "birthplace" of the stylus, and it's a large apple resistant to scab). I'll know when I get it.

I'll have a review of the iPad Pro when I play around with it a bit! I'm so looking forward to my new wirefree tablet life! :D

Nine years.