So I finally got my Pencil for iPad Pro last week, and man, I'm loving it for sketching. I've been using Procreate mostly, and I think that app's pretty good for now. I'm going to try out Photoshop next, and Graphic seems like an OK vector program. I'll have to play with it more.

So here's the sketches I've been working on!

The first thing I sketched was Yuuki of course. This is the only one in this set not drawn in Procreate. I couldn't wait for Procreate to download, so I went ahead and drew him in Notes. Not bad for a note app!

Next up is a dog I pencilled and Mamath inked in Procreate. Mamath is such a good inker. I am put to shame. But together, we make awesome dogs! :D

A birddragon, which led to next sketch...

Mamath tweeted "kakaw" at me about the birddragon, so I had to draw more bird things. A birdwoman seemed the thing to draw. I'm not sure if she's a harpy, so I'll keep saying "birdwoman". It's more fun. XD

Speaking of -womans, here's a rock woman because Neil said in Montrosechat that I could even make a rock sexy. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. XD

Have you read The Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki Holiday Special 2015 yet? Get into a commercial mood and feel the consumer spirit! :D

Just a few days.