Happy Turkey Day, everyone in America! I've already had my turkey loaf and cranberry sauce here in Australia. I hope you stuff yourself silly and get ready for SALES.

Speaking of Turkey Day, Dasien's Neil and I decided to a Thanksgiving art trade. Up first is my comic featuring some early Christmas Cheer with the Dasien crew:

Next up is Neil's comic with Yuuki and Chiaki celebrating American style. Guest starring Rich Evans! :D (Thank you so much, Neil!)

Well, now that we got that heartwarming holiday out of the way, it's time to CONSUME!! If you haven't read The Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki Holiday Special 2015!, do so now. Then, buy this!

This isn't a joke! I'm selling Holiday Lanterns with a Sketch of Your Favorite Character! JUST US$8! WORLDWIDE SHIPPING INCLUDED! Get one today!

This is awesome!