Just drawin' a dinosaur. Not sure of the species, but it's a type of raptor for sure. I started out coloring it like a blue jay, but it ended up being more tropical. I made the throat all colorful because of some inspiration from a cassowary, because cassowaries are awesome.

Here's the inks and pencils if you're interested:

I think I'm getting confident enough to do some comic work on the iPad Pro. I'm not really sure how to do the paneling on it yet. I guess I can do the pencils, inks, and colors on the iPad Pro, and then do the paneling in Manga Studio and the text in Photoshop on the Mac.

...Damn, that's a workflow. I think I need to find an app for the graphic design part of the comic. XD

OK, back to Twilight Imperium. :D

I'm coming for ya!