The first iPad Pro Sketchfiend went AWESOME!! There was just one hiccup with the stream, but it wasn't the iPad's fault. Don't worry, baby. I love you. Download the video at MEGA if you want to see the action for yourself. Don't worry! It's time-lapse. :D

Back to the iPad Pro, I officially love it more than the Cintiq 24HD. After all, I didn't have to take Cintiq breaks because the iPad Pro doesn't overheat like the Cintiq 24HD does. That's crazy stupid considering how thin the iPad Pro is. It did heat up, but when I'd put it down to chat or take a break myself, it cooled down instantly, even though it was still streaming and running the screen. Now that's power management. You could learn something from Apple, Wacom. Also, I can sit on the couch. :D

OK, enough about devices! Let's get to the sketches!
First commissioner of the night was Martin with another Yuuki and Chiaki fantasy scene. This time, the movie of the day, STAR WARS, is the subject. Yuuki is an evil, sexy Sith lord with her new slave, Chiaki. I wonder what's about to happen? Probably eat parfaits. :D

Next up is Parabet's commission of his OC Amaylyn adventuring and finding an chest. I drew up this scene and even added a little buddy for Amaylyn who is a moth rabbit critter. Parabet is thinking up a name.

Animal made it just in time to win this commission of his Valkyrie self finally getting the upper hand on Otsana. Watch out! She's vengeful. XD;;

Parabet was lucky and won the first bonus of the night. Of course, we needed to know the outcome of Amaylyn's adventuring: a trip to buy a new lacing for her leotard. Oh, and a heart container. XD

LUCKY! Parabet won the second bonus! This has never happened! I was allowed to draw Amaylyn however I wanted, so I decided to draw her and her new friend together having a nice day after adventuring. ^_^

This was my warmup for Sketchfiend. I dunno why I was struck with the bug to draw Rule 63 Saitama and Genos. Oh wait, I know why. I love One Punch Man and I like Rule 63. XD

OK, now I got to force myself to finish up that issue of SGVY on the Cintiq. Come on, Kittyhawk. You can ride the black beast once more. And that sounds sexy.

I should cut those.