Well lookee there! It's the storyboard for Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki Edda 14.6, which Otsana won't let you see. I guess I'll let it be a surprise. XD I guess I better get to penciling it so y'all can see it soon! :D

Thanks so much to Mamath for my Sailor Scouts. I found out they can perch on the iPad Pro! ...As long as I don't move around too much. XD

Click for details on Sketchfiend!
Speaking of "Penciling", are you going to be at Sketchfiend this weekend? If you're looking for a sketch commission for the price you want, then come on by Montrosecast and try your luck! If you're just wanting to watch the stream of the sketches live, that's awesome too! We chat, we laugh, we listen to good music. Come have a fun time with us this Valentine's Day weekend! :D

But you didn't win!