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Woo! Another great Sketchfiend! Thanks to everyone who came by Montrosechat and especially to the winning commissioners! There were some great ideas this time. Lots of cute girls! As always, head over to MEGA for the time-lapse video. The song is something that's been stuck in my head recently thanks to finding Jungle in Minecraft. XD

OK! Let's get to the sketches!

First up is Parabet's commission of his OC Amaylyn and her adventuring friend Fezzamir taking a well earned rest after adventuring. Sleep well, brave adventurers. ^_^

Next up is BenComicGraphics' idea of Yuuki having a hard time getting with falling swimsuit. Looks like Yuuki and Freya share hip size but not so much bust size. ;D

Oh red! He's always wanting sexy Dasien and Yuuki times, so hey, let's have some. Eeek! Fun in the surf! :D

Sakraida82's commission is awesome! It's the people of Montrosechat! Come on by and figure out who's who! :D

The final bonus sketch of the night went to Iseriad who wanted his OC chasing the girl he promised to bring over to meet the family. He just has to catch her with the VELCRO® gloves he acquired. ;D

And here's the warmup sketch. Not very good, but I had to draw these chibi of Dasien and Yuuki for red. Pink Sugar Love!! XD

So that's it! I'll see y'all for another Sketchfiend next month! :D

Totally for him.