OH MY GOD! NASHICON 2016 WAS AWESOME! Thank you so much to the staff for letting me be a guest this year! I had so much fun. Also,thank you very much to everyone who came by the table and to all the NAME YOUR OWN PRICE SKETCHES commissioners. There were a lot of good sketch ideas this year. Also! Great cosplay as well! If you want to check out all my cosplay photos, head on over to Facebook to check them out.

OK! Let's get to some sketches!

First up is a great crack idea: When Swiper Met Tinder. XD

This sketch was inspired by this sketch which was up on my NAME YOUR OWN PRICE SKETCHES sign. I'm always up for drawing Fem!Genos.

This was Trevor's favorite and a fav of mine: Galaga Girl. I had fun including the bug accents on her and the WAVE.

Sakraida's OC Allie's continuing struggle with Loki, though it seems to have worked out for her. XD

This OC monster really reminded me of Azteca art. I had to put him together since he was in pieces on the character sheet which was a fun challenge.

A bust of a really pretty OC named June.

I'm really, REALLY hoping "Ralph" (from Ed, Edd n' Eddy) puts all the commissions of "Ralph in front of Ralph statue with a best weiner trophy, holding pic of Ralph" up on the NashiCon reddit page. They were all so epic. I'm not even sure how many he got, but it was an armful! Great crack commission.

Next up is Black Rabbit and Izayoi from Problem Children Are Coming from Another World, Aren't They? in an action pose. I really love light novel titles. They're great. XD


From the mind that brought you Galaga Girl, LAMBORGINI GIRL! I really, really had a lot of fun with this one. :D

I'm OK with drawing Zootopia-style because the animals are more like animals. Their feet work anatomically (is that a word? IT IS NOW), like instead of being digigrade, the animals are plantigrade in a plausible way that isn't human and lazy. Also, Judy Hopps is freaking adorable. <3

The tiny top hat on this badass, steampunk Garnet really makes the sketch. :D

He's so mad he has bunny ears. XD

Evil Ryu from Street Fighter IV is gonna wreck you!

A Rule 63 steampunk sketch of the commissioner. I love steampunk. Like a cake, you can just add little details everywhere.

It's a family portrait of That Godzilla Guy, Little Kaiju, and Momma Kitty! I got to figure out Little Kaiju's features, so I feel really honored. I'm so glad they all liked it, and I'm so happy I got to meet the Little Kaiju! :D

Ghasts are so annoying. RUN, STEVE?, RUN!

Blast from the past! I had the most fun with Squidward's face.

I really turned on the glam for this pop idol. <3

I saved a sketch halfway completed, so here's where I was working it out...

And here's the finished one! Busted, Nick! XD

The Allie sketch inspired this one as Sakraida's friend said, "What would President Loki campaign on?" Well... MAKE AMERICA SEXY AGAIN! XD

And finally, Brandon asked me to make a sketch that summed up NashiCon 2016 in one image, similar to the sketch I did FOUR YEARS AGO (so long ago!) which featured a pony, Godzilla, and a troll. I saw so many Judys and Deadpools, and the ball really stuck in my mind because of all the great fan formal wear. ^_^

And that's it! Thanks for checking out my sketches! I'll be doing an online streaming event called Sketchfiend soon where you can try for a chance at a NAME YOUR OWN PRICE SKETCH, ONLINE! I'm thinking the first weekend in May would be a good time to do it. I'll announce it on Facebook and Twitter when it's happening.

OK, time to go work on some Bando the Dragon sketches. Why? You'll find out soon! ;D

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