The inking of SGVY Edda 14.7 is coming along! I decided to try out Medibang on a friend's recommendation. She just recently got the iPad Pro 9.7" (WHICH COMES IN ROSE GOLD, WHY WAS THIS NOT AN OPTION FOR ME? AH, ROSE GOLD!), and told me she liked Medibang over my fav app Procreate. So, what did I think?

Above is the Medibang app. I... did not like it. It's not that it's a bad app. It has a lot going for it. It has a lot of features found in Manga Studio, but it's not as good. While there are tones, panel rulers, and a good selection of brushes, it's like stepping back a lot. The panel ruler tools just makes lines. There is no masking layers like in Manga Studio. That would be OK, but there's one thing I really don't like: the rotation of the canvas is done with icons rather than gestures. You can see them at the bottom of the screen. It also does it in increments, so it's totally worthless. I had to turn the iPad instead. Really bad UI, Medibang team...

I also noticed the inking was much better in Procreate when I switched back after gettng frustrated with the stupid rotation icons in Medibang. I'm not going to write Medibang off completely. I'm sure I'll find some use for it, like putting in text. I'll try that out when I'm done coloring in Procreate. I'll probably have a review for that next because the comic is coming along pretty quick! :D

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Speaking of sketching in Procreate, I hope you'll be coming by for Sketchfiend this weekend! It's a great time watching me sketch, listening to great tunes, chatting with awesome people, and if you want, trying your luck at a chance to commission me for a sketch! NAME YOUR OWN PRICE sketches at that! Check out this page for more details. See y'all there!

We're having fun!