It was an awesome, boob-filled Sketchfiend! Turns out I'm going to have to censor a few of these. That means it was a good night. ;D Let's get to it!

First up is BenComicGraphics' commission of his head canon, mind-swapped characters Luuki and Haruya (click the tags below to see more of their adventures here on Sketchbook). Haruya is probably right on this one. Luuki might go shopping for another body, and then things will get really interesting. XD;;

Next up is Parabet's commission of his OC Amaylyn and her little friend Fezzie, who seem to be in a pickle! I think some pickles out there are happy for this angle though. ;D

Things heat up a bit with Lifeforce's idea of Luuki and his OC Valkyrie Lilly going shopping after, ahem, new problems arise (not the only thing!). Luuki would have to escalate things. I wonder what those new cup sizes are...

NSFW! Click at your own risk!
Nezumi brings the awesome RP character game again with this concept of a toxic waste shaman. I really had a lot of fun with the crude oil hair and waste demons. Humans need to get on board with the idea that through pollution comes evolution! (I dunno...)

Nezumi, the man under pressure, winning the last bonus of the night (even calling it!), came up with a brilliant idea: A woman loses a battle to a Tittymancer. You got it. A Tittymancer. Looks like that copier room battle didn't work out so good, or did it? ;D

NSFW! Click at your own risk!
Today's warmup was inspired by today being Mothers' Day. Ragyo is the best mom ever. <3

NSFW! Click at your own risk!
That's it! Thank you to all the commissioners and to everyone who came by Montrosechat. It was a lot of fun, and I can't wait to do it again soon. With all the improvements Trevor's put into it, I think we can have a lot more fun! See y'all next time!

Do you have a macro? XD