Today's fun is unboxing our new Yamomark soft vinyl (sofubi) toy: KINGYOZAURUS! I had some soft vinyl toys when I lived in Japan as a child, so it's real cool to see it again, in art form! :D This guy caught my eye immediately at the Soft Vinyl Mayhem II show. Trevor and I just had to have him. So let's get to the unboxing... er, unbagging!

Bad Teeth Comics ran the show, and it was very well laid out and inviting at in the gallery at Laced. Check out the show photos here! BTW, if you haven't gone up in the Laced building, do. It's really pretty up in there. Very old and classic. I'm also really impressed with the packing job they did on the one-offs like Kingyozaurus. Y'all love us! :D

Bag contents all laid out! I love the cardboard header! Also, my baby is well protected. <3

Here he is! Trevor has named him King Gyo, which means "King Fish". XD He is so GLITTERY. He is also full of bad ideas. "Invest in real estate!" XD

Look at that tooth grin. I love him.

And here he is with my Science Patrol's Mastadon Tank. The tank is currently hanging out with Saturn and Sonic next to the Sega Saturn. My gaming corner is getting awesome. :D

Y'all have awoken my love for sofubi! It can only be filled with more! XD

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