Captain America will make sure Rule 63 Ed's ass will be safe, no worries. ;D Thank you to michelous for the commission! I tried out some of the Layer Blending in Procreate, and it worked out great! I need to get better at the masking stuff. Thankfully, Procreate has a great manual to help out. I love searchable manuals~

Suddenly, a ferret! The safe height limit in my new toaster oven is 11cm! That's perfect for small figures and giant roasts. Mmmmm... roast... Also, I guessed the Aussie word for "toaster oven" when searching for one. At first I thought "toasto", but I figured it was too obvious and there's already "toasties". So I guessed "mini oven", and I was right. It kind of makes more sense the more I think about it. It does more than toasting after all. Especially this one!

There are no longer in the Valley of the Wind.