Playing around with the brush pen in Procreate on my iPad Pro. I don't know if I'll be using this for the 24 Hour Comic Day Perth Challenge. Going to definitely play around with it more for direct inking while skipping the pencil stage.

Speaking of 24 Hour Comic Day Perth Challenge, I'm doing it again this weekend! I hope you'll come by Montrosecast to watch Mamath and me try to make 24 pages of comic each in 24 hours. I think we can do it! After all, we got a couple under our belts! ;D

Speaking of a couple under my belt...

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Here's all my previous 24 Hour Comics in CBR form! They're all free to read too, so just click on the images to download. If you don't know about CBRs, CBR is the world's most used comic container format, used by Amazon's ComiXology and Montrosemart. If you want to learn more about using CBRs, Montrosemart has a handy tutorial guide and video.

Happy Readings, and I'll see y'all this weekend for a new one! :D

24k gold followed by lead.