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Thank you so much to Johnny for commissioning me and letting me stream the creation of the Hipster Sidhe! She's taking a break from being a badass. Though seems you can take the sidhe out of the armor, but you can't take the attitude away. ;D Thank you to everyone who came by Montrosechat for the stream. I had fun chatting with y'all, drawing, and listening to good tunes. Let's do it again soon, y'all!

And here's the finished piece:

I LIED EARLIER. I THINK I FINALLY FIGURED OUT THOSE FUCKING PERSPECTIVE RULERS. Just need to think about them like polygons rather than lines. Trying to improve myself!

OK, gonna script some stuff tomorrow. Sexy stuff. Thank god it's gonna be cool tomorrow here in South East Queensland. KEEP IT UP, WEATHER.

Check out that Supamoon.