Merry Christmas from Montrose! The trees are lit up, and I'm a tree too!

It's weird for me that in Animal Crossing it's Winter since here in the Southern Hemisphere it's Summer. Dang Northern Hemisphere Superiority! Oh well. I guess it's like going home for a bit. There's positive thinking! (Now about house zoning...)

Speaking of positive thinking, I KNEW IT!! Coniving bitch! You set me up as Mayor so you could rule in the shadows, but now it's not enough. LET'S DO THIS.
Click for Holiday Special!
Speaking of not enough, have you had enough Sexy in your Holidays? Get more with The Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki Holiday Special 2016: A Festive & Sexy Coloring & Activity Book! IT'S FREE AND FUN!! Happy Holidays from the Montroseacademy! :D

I lost, but I'll be back, Isabelle... (I still love you!)