Tried to use Paintstorm for iPad Pro to color this piece tonight, but it kept complaining about "Low Memory!" and being jerky as hell. I'm using the Lite version admittedly (don't want to pay yet; still trying it out), but the other day it wasn't complaining about that. So I closed all the other apps on my iPad. Nope! Still complaining about low memory and acting slow as shit. Maybe if I upgrade to the full version this might stop, but I doubt it. So it's back to Procreate! The inking is way better in Procreate too.

I swear winter makes me stay up later. The sun being so brief causes me to get out of sync I think. Oh well. IT'S NOT FUCKING HOT RIGHT NOW! XD

And with that, night! I'll finish tomorrow if I got some time!

Just ignore all that is blue.