See, Nintendo, this is why your mobile plans will fail. I'm using a REAL CONTROLLER with the device that conveniently comes with me everywhere instead of... whatever the Switch is. So yeah, I got Sonic the Hedgehog (now with Tails, very important!) and Phantasy Star II, and they run pretty OK. Airplay is a bit choppy, but it works! I don't think I'll play much on Airplay, but that's still cool.

I'm looking forward to more Sega Forever, especially when Panzer Dragoon Saga finally comes out for another system than Sega Saturn. They did say ALL Sega games will be coming out for mobile after all! MAKE THIS HAPPEN, SEGA. I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER AND RENOUNCE ALL LOVE I EVER HAD FOR NINTENDO.

(But I'll still love Mipha and Link. ;D )

The old men fight on.