So I've finally given up on Adobe after all these years. I recently got a new machine, and I decided to keep this machine Adobe-free. Why? I suspect it's why my last machine had a lot of quirks, like not being able to use my beloved trackball and weird graphical glitches. No more! Also, it's not like they've really done anything innovative in years... Well, I should say they haven't bought anything innovative in years. XD

So why is Affinity Designer awesome? Well, I find it way more intuitive than Adobe products for one. I'm still fairly new to the program, but I don't think I've had such a nice experience since I first discovered Procreate for my iPad Pro. Also, there's a one time fee! What an innovation! XD I'll be reporting back with more later as I use it more! ...Also on the 10 other new programs I'm learning. LEARNING COMMENCES!

Oh, and what's that in the picture above? Might be something about to drop soon. ;D

Forget it all; play pinball.