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Yes, it's The Plainsight Collection from! For too long, advertisements have been our adversary, but no longer! Our top minds at Montrose have learned to tame the ad for your gaming pleasure, especially when you want to play covertly. Using the power of bookmarklets, you can now play games such as WallBall and Flippy Fantasy on any browser, on any operating system, in any enviroment, regardless of firewall or adblock. Finally! You can goof off at work again with these games inspired by ancient desktop classics disguised to look like ads.

WallBall is an action game where the goal is to fill the playfield with "walls" until the percentage indicated at the bottom reaches >75%. "Walls" are created by clicking the left mouse button. Sliders will then come out from each side of the cursor, which solidify into "walls" when they reach the edge of the playfield. The direction of "wall" growth can be changed from top/down to left/right and back by clicking the right mouse button. If a slider is interrupted by a ball before reaching the edge of the playfield, the slider will terminate and the player will lose a chance. For each ball on screen, the player receives one chance. When the player runs out of chances, the game will reset back to two balls. When the player manages to fill the playfield with >75% "walls", then the player is advanced to the next level where the ball count will be increased by one. How many balls can you handle? Can you build WALL? Enjoy!

Flippy Fantasy is a puzzle game in which the player must turn all tiles on screen from "dragons" to "skulls" to complete levels. Tiles can be flipped from "dragon" to "skull" and vice versa by clicking them with the left mouse button. If a tile is connected to another tile with a green line, then the connected tile(s) is also flipped. The player can advance to the next level or revisit a previous level by using the arrow buttons located in the lower left corner of the playfield. Levels can be reset by using the Reset button in the lower right corner of the playfield. The challenge is great, but the reward of victory is sweet, m'lady! Play Now!

Another feature WallBall and Flippy Fantasy utilizes is the not pattented Boss Button, which allows the player to dismiss the game immediately or bring the game back. The player can dismiss the game by clicking the "X" in the top right corner of the playfield, much like a real ad, and then bring it back with the "B" button. We got your back! :D

So that's all for now! As ads have disappeared from people's sight, you can play now... in plain sight. ;D The Plainsight Collection: Play Hard and Work Less!

Me too. Me too.