I've been waiting a long time for this. My initial reaction to the finished Star Fox 2 is that it's good, maybe a little better than Star Fox Command, a game clearly inspired by this game but slower than SF2 (from what I can remember).

The controls are good, driving the mecha form is actually fun, and the different characters really make the game different. I found myself using Miyu and Fay exclusively because dem shields (plus they're super cute <3 ). The variety in missions is great, and the bosses that pursue your craft really add some tension. When a missile shoot turned into a Star Wolf dogfight because the missions stacked, that was awesome.

Had this come out in 1995, it would've been one of the games of the year definitely. I can see why Nintendo thought this might cannibalize the N64's success. It's better looking than anything on the fuzzy N64. Though in the end it didn't matter since the N64 wasn't released till 1996 thanks to classic Nintendo incompetence. (Don't worry. It's always temporary.)

That all said, it's got an unfinished feel to it. Maybe that's because Hard Mode is the real game? Or did they mean for it to be a short and sweet game? Or have I gotten way better? Well, let's move onto Hard Mode and find out. :D

Fay or Miyu? Both!