The latest and greatest in chat is here! Finally, you can chat freely and easily with Montrosechat from Montroseacademy. It's so simple, a cat can use it, and does!

All you have to do to start is go to http://montrose.is/chatting, and you'll be greeted with this screen:

The username chatMonkey followed by a number is just the default username. It can be used or changed to an allowed name in the dialog box. When you're properly named, just click Connect to start the fun! And here's what you'll see next:

After connecting, you'll be greeted with the last five messages in the Chat Window from our helpful bot "klyton". No getting lost in the conversation here! If your screen is wide enough, which includes most desktops and tablets, you'll also see a smaller window to the right which is the User List. This will help you know who are your fellow chatmonkeys and named users.

If your screen is not wide enough, like on a mobile device, the User List can be seen using the Smiley Face in the upper left hand corner. A message will appear in the chat with the User List:

Klyton can also try to display image previews:

If the image is too large though, there won't be a preview. Saving your precious bandwidth!

Klyton can also do other useful things like roll dice, tell you the weather, and give public messages to other users (as long as you spell their name correctly). Here's some examples of the commands:

To Roll Dice write:

klyton: roll [number of dice]d[number of sides]

To get the Weather write:

klyton: weather [place name]

To Send a Public Message to Another User:

klyton: tell [username]: [Insert Message Here]

So what are these other icons at the top?

The Bell Icon will allow you to toggle the sound off and on. It's turned off by default so it won't scare the bejeezus out of you (or interrupt an important meeting). If you turn it on, you'll hear a "chirp" whenever anyone says something in the chat and a "bing bong" whenever someone mentions you by name. The other icon, the Image Icon (the box with shapes), can be toggled to turn klyton's image previews off and on. It's on by default, but if you find yourself wanting pure chat, click that bad boy to enter a world of only text.

That about covers the basics of the web version of Montrosechat. If you wish to use the advance features, read on!

Pay attention to the technology behind the curtain! Montrosechat is backed by one of the most popular chat technologies in the world: Internet Relay Chat. This allows us to have a freer chat untouched by the large internet companies and with more features. More features, you ask? If you'd like to use the advanced chat features such as secure private messages, reserved nickname, and file transfers, then you should connect using a fully featured IRC client. Here's a handy list of suggested clients for various OS:

Textual (https://www.codeux.com/textual/) for macOS

Palaver (https://palaverapp.com/) for iOS

HoloIRC (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fusionx.lightirc) for Android

HexChat (https://hexchat.github.io/downloads.html) for Windows and Linux

If you don't want to install a client or are on the go, mibbit is a good web-based client.

The Montrose.is IRC server is available over standard IRC at irc.montrose.is on port 6667 and via SSL at ssl.montrose.is on port 6697. The chat SSL certificate is the same one used here.

If you need further help, then why not ask in the chat? We have a lot of helpful people there. If you think you've found a bug, you can report it at our official issue page: https://github.com/harrylime/montrosechat/issues.

Hope this is helpful! Happy Chatting!

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