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Old Year is out, New Streaming is in! Yesterday, or last year, was a good day to stream, and I was able to finish something both appropriate and sexy for the New Year. It's the year of the Earth Dog, so why not draw a cute dog girl? And make her naked. XD This video is NSFW! You've been warned!

Thanks to everyone who came by for the stream. It was an awesome time drawing, inking, and coloring while chatting with the users of Montrosechat. I hope y'all approved of the music. :D

I think the new streaming service we made in 2017 is going well, and I hope to be doing more streaming in the new year! Let's make it a sexy 2018!

Speaking of sexy, here's the final piece. Click here for the uncensored version!

Click to See Uncensored!
Better and better.