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HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everyone out there has a wonderful 2018! 2017 was a great year, not to say there weren't bumps, but the peaks were quite bountiful! ;D

Since I'm living in the future, I've already had a sleep in the New Year, and my first dream was had too! That's what the picture above is about. The first dream of the year is important (according to wizards or something), and I had quite the dream. I dreamed I was traveling around Asia and there was sofubi in my bag. We'll see if the wizards are right and this is prophetic! If not, it was a good dream anyway. I want to travel like I do in my dreams: lots of legroom, short flights that I gloss over, and apparently sofubi just pops out of my bag!

Oh! If you haven't seen my NSFW New Year's Pic and Video, please click this link. It'll help you get up and at 'em in the New Year. ;D

OK, let's get this year started. It's gonna be awesome!

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