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HEY Y'ALL, WE ARE STREAMING TOMORROW!! I'm working on Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki Edda 15.2 pencils and possibly the inks. Be sure to be at Montrosechat at Thursday, January 11 @ 8pm EST (Friday, January 12 @ 1am UTC) to have a fun time chatting with us, watching a stream, and listening some groovy tunes. See you there! :D

Speaking of comics, here's a little something I just finished for BenComicGraphics. His idea was Loki has trapped Yuuki and forced him to be part of his VR Yuuki scheme. Looks like the Otaku from the SGVY Holiday Specials is an eager customer!

OK! See y'all tomorrow! It's gonna be a fun time! :D

It builds.