Thanks to MJL Anime for finding me my beloved Mipha Amiibo! Mei is the best. You should definitely check out the store! They've also got some space at the MyCubes around Brisbane like Garden City and Indooroopilly. Lots of anime and gaming goodies!

Mipha is the right girl for Link. Zelda... Well... She interrupted me too many times about THE BLOOD MOON RISES ONCE AGAIN!!! XD

I really need to get a Nintendo Switch again to play some more BotW, but I'm going to wait for the Destructive Kids Edition. I'm too hard on controllers, and AUD $400 is a bit steep too for something so flimsy. Come on Nintendo! Announce an Animal Crossing edition too! ...sob, they never will again... Animal Crossing, why'd it have to become a greedy, cash-grab mobile game? ;_;

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Oh well, back to trying to live on my Minecraft server. I won't rest till my address is Falling Dicks (seen above).

Ahhh, feeling is back in my fingers.