Not a game yet, but you can certainly watch! Here's our little Bando the Dragon LCD demo Trevor and I made. Next time I'm making these as vectors from the sketches rather than convert the rasters to vectors. Ah, being lazy. XD;; Also, I need to make the transparent lines bigger. But hey, Trevor's part works pretty damn well. I'm excite! :D

Here's what the raster images looked like. In the background you can see Quartet the Quoll with Bando. Oh no... FRIENDS...

I'm not sure where this is going, but I like the title a lot. Trying to think of box ideas, but this might be too early for Bando. Maybe I should try something more late 80s. But, this is pretty cute.

I'm liking where Bondi is going design-wise. Working on her game too! :D

Inking SGVY is taking a bit of time because I've been working on Bando, doing life things, and well, I hate inking. XD;; I'll get it done though. There's hot fur bikinis in this one after all. :D

Tea and rain.