NSFW Video! Watch at own risk!
Download Video Now at MEGA!

Speed drawing! Please check out the sped-up video (NSFW!) of the stream I did last weekend above, or download for your own convenience at MEGA. Thank you so much to everyone who came by the stream! I had a great time chatting with y'all and drawing to some awesome tunes. Let's do it again soon!

The first sketch of the night was a commission for Nezumi. Once again, he hits the ball out of the park with his idea of "Big Tittied Cloud and A-Cup Tifa". I was going to draw Cloud in the infamous purple dress, but nah, sheer fabric dress that's just barely holding on. I normally don't draw tits so small, but here on Tifa, it's hilarious. XD

Next up was the sketch for michelous' commission. I'll be finishing this up soon, so be sure to keep checking our IRC channel at Montrosechat for updates. I tend to announce streams and posts there. :D

I think I need some tea. It's getting chilly in Brisbane tonight. It might get below 20ºC! ( º O º )

Come, winter, come.