Download this video or other streams at MEGA

Alright! I finished michelous' commission of older Magical Eimii in a green dress. Check out the sped-up video above to see the inking and coloring. This was a fun commission to work on because I decided to try out using Multiply, and it worked perfectly! Also the streaming was fun. Great tunes (thanks for the suggestions!), great convos, it helped me get through. :D

If you want to see the penciling of this commission, here's the link to that video. Or you can download it at MEGA, as well as previous sped-up streams.

And here's the finished commission:

Thanks for the commission, michelous! I'm thinking of doing another stream soon, so keep checking here or for the announcement. I'm thinking I'll start announcing them a day to 12 hours before. In the meantime, keep on chatting in the free world at Montrosechat!

More mouse game.