Woo! Surprise stream today! Even I didn't know we were doing it! XD So here's something surprising. Wait... It's me, so it's not so surprising. XD

Here's some more randomness from today:


And Bondi says that's all! Sorry the stream was so short! Turns out ol' kingofthepippins, my 1st gen iPad Pro, can't quite handle streaming to the Apple TV and using Astropad at the same time. XD;; Poor thing was bogging down and getting super hot. I got some pink marks on my legs now, wew! We're getting a cable that should help with this problem so I'm not having to stream to two devices at once, so more to come! :D

And remember, you can keep on chatting in the free world at Montrosechat even when we're not streaming. Feel free to share videos, stories, and images! I hang out there a lot. :D

Mistakes were made, but what matters is boobs.