NSFW! Click Here to Download This Video at MEGA!

Here's the sped-up video of today's stream! Thank you so much to everyone who came by Montrosechat for the stream, and especially thank you to the two commissioners for letting me stream! We'll have to do this again soon. :D

First up is the finished color piece I did for Nezumi:

I don't normally draw really fake tits (Yuuki's are "magical), but thanks to Nezumi's idea of a "hypercompetent foodie barista with big fake knockers and a flaming sword" stemming from a mere game, I got to have some fun. Peroxide blonde, sun-kissed, and decked out both in weaponry and boobery, Michelle Boltons is ready for action (thanks for the name, Trevor!). XD

Next up is BenComicGraphics's commission:

Luuki is letting it all hang out, though I think that's mainly in the chest region. I'm with you, Yoki! Though those are some nice tits. ;D

Hoping to have some more fun things to post soon. Just keep checking this space for more sexy fun!