Click Here to Download Video at MEGA!

Today was a breeze! I got the colors done on NetSenshi's Ariel and Flounder and sketched Psyicman's Dasien and Yuuki in a Drag Down Fight pretty quick. Speaking of quick, the video of the stream's even quicker now because it's sped up! And don't think you've been left out! If you've missed a stream, there's an archive at MEGA for your convenience. :D

Thank you so much to everyone who came out for the stream today, and especially thank you to the two commissioners who happened to be there today. I really am liking doing these streams where the commissioner can stop by. Made before your eyes! It's like hibachi art! XD

And the art! Here it is! First up is NetSenshi's commission of Ariel and mermaid Flounder:

I went a little crazy on the background on this one, but I think it needed it. NEEDED! It really sets the mood for this one. The inspiration for this piece is an image in a coloring book for The Little Mermaid where Ariel and fish Flounder are looking into each others' eyes, and NetSenshi and I are unsure of what the origin of the art is. I suspect it's probably from some production sketches. A mystery, but lead to some fun art! :D

More fun art! Here's a piece I did for Psyicman:

I'm not sure what Dasien and Yuuki are fighting about, but they are fighting to the last! Perhaps it's over whether leotards should be high leg or not. Who knows? Enjoy!

BTW, the Sonic the Hedgehog LCD game will melt your ears. That is all.