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Wooooooooo, three skeches, three hours! Not bad, not bad! Thank you so much to everyone who came by Montrosechat for the stream yesterday, and a big thank you to all the commissioners. It was a fun time, and yay! Dasien's TV's Mr. Neil was better enough to come back for a stream! Super awesome! :D

So what do the final pieces look like? Well, let's start with ReD_InK's sketch request of Yuuki in a comfy hoodie... pulled down:

Yuuki is so cute when he's embarrassed. At least he's comfy and looking fine. :D

Next up is The Silver Shroud's commission of a fake tittied, Latina, sweetie mage, La Fabulousa Chichi, who has just poofed her top away. I think the college crowd is VERY impressed:

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I like that this one is inspired by Michael Boltons. Maybe we'll get an ample adventuring party? ;D

And finally we have Psyicman's commission of Yuuki and Dasien at a nudist beach having a fun day:

Wish I was there! ;_;

And that's it for now! There's going to be another stream at Montrosechat on Monday, April 23 @ 8pm EDT (Tue, Apr 23 @ 12am UTC, 10am AEST). It's gonna be a special welcome back for TV's Mr. Neil. We've got a little something cooked up which you'll have to come by to see. ;D

See you tomorrow!

The lights fade on the jellies.