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The colors! They are done! Thank you so much to BenComicGraphics for commissioning this piece for Dasien's TV's Mr. Neil. I think he really liked it. That makes me so happy! ^_^

If you missed the pencils and inks stream, no worries! Check it out here! Also, all my previous videos are sped-up for your pleasure and hosted at the mega awesome MEGA. :D

OK! Here's the final piece for your eyes to enjoy:

Click to see larger image!
Well, since it's May Day in Queenland, on the real Labour Day at that, I'm gonna take a rest. Well, that and I've fucked my back. XD;; Thankfully there's Breath of the Wild to help with keeping me from hopping around. Though there is a lot of wild spinning around with the scope. But first, I must draw some pugs...

Later, y'all!

It does sound like Panzer Dragoon Saga.