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Stream = Successful. :D It was fun talking about pussy... cats! Loudmouth and Baker, ljfnord's cats, to be exact. Thank you so much to ljfnord for commissioning me to draw this for a special occasion. And thank you to everyone who came by today for the stream at Montrosechat! Let's do it again soon!

If you'll notice in the sped-up video above, at the end I tweak Loudmouth's ears a bit. Oh my god, I love Procreate even more now. It's really handy being able to edit five layers at once. Truly the best drawing app out there right now.

And here's the cats!

Kitties! :D

Well, gotta wake up and make more art tomorrow. No wait, I have to edit text. And that's fun too! Whee!

Cats are more fun.