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That's right! Montrose.is/games' latest game is here, and it's a Memory Dating Sim LCD Game! 16 bit? 8 bit? Too many bits to get in the way of sexiness! Enter the world of 4 bit gaming with SQUEEZE, part of the Babe & Watch series.

In SQUEEZE, you are the world's best lover, but now you've found your greatest challenge! Can you outlast this bodacious babe laying before you? It seems like her breasts are very sensitive, giving her almost orgasmic pleasure. Grab her boobs, handle them carefully but firmly to make this pretty partner of yours cum. How satisfied can you make her?

Enough with the chit-chat, let's get to tits! Play the game! Playable on Desktop and iOS, and IT'S FREE!

And here's the manual with helpful tips like controls and how to use MAME:

Click to see the SQUEEZE manual!
I hope you enjoy our newest creation, SQUEEZE! We'll be releasing the next game in the Babe & Watch series, BRIDE, soon, so please keep checking the Montrose.is/games site for updates:

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